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We meet regularly throughout the year to exchange ideas, experiences, and all things product. We host speakers from experienced industry leaders to first-time speakers. Our events gather together Product Managers, Product Owners, and related professionals from all across Berlin, to learn and meet others.

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Product Tank Berlin: Changing Context: From Startup to Scaleup (and beyond)

To continue our new bite-sized format, we are honoured to welcome Benjamin Keyser from Contentful. Join us over lunch on October 29th to hear from Benjamin about the challenges and lessons learnt taking a company from startup to scaleup and beyond. We'll cover how this affects teams and organisational effectiveness, plus hear a few lessons and tips Benjamin's learnt the hard way so we don't have to. Date: 29/10/2020 Schedule: 12.00 - 12.05: Introduction 12.05 - 12:25: Benjamin Keyser from Contentful: Changing Context - From Startup to Scaleup (and beyond) 12.25 - 12.50: Q&A For registration and the event link, please see here: https://www.mindtheproduct.com/producttank/berlin/2020/10/29 About Benjamin After graduating with a more or less unhelpful MFA degree, Benjamin moved to the Bay Area to work as an information architect, content strategist, and finally a product person. After surviving the violent burst of the 2008 tech bubble, he moved to Europe to take a break, hang out and learn a "foreign" language. Within 6 weeks, he was back at it working as a Product guy in Telefonica in Madrid (struggling with the language), Intercom in Dublin and then at Zendesk in Copenhagen (struggling with the language) before moving to Berlin's own Contentful (again, struggling with the language). Over the course of these experiences, he picked up a few Spanish, Danish, and German phrases as well as ideas about how to evolve teams toward a systematic approach to winning customer love, loyalty and revenue. As your business strategy becomes more focused, your Product strategy needs to match and support it, and that's where changing how we do our product work can create new opportunities. Look forward to seeing you there!

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