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We're transfering this meetup group to its new (web-)home - please join us at https://www.mindtheproduct.com/producttank/karlsruhe

Der ProductTank Karlsruhe ist eine Veranstaltung für und von Produktmenschen. Wir treffen uns, um Ideen und Erfahrungen rund um Produktmanagement, Produktdesign, Produktentwicklung, User Experience oder Daten und Metriken auszutauschen.

Seit September 2017 treffen wir uns ca. alle 6-8 Wochen. Dann gibt es 1-2 Vorträge zu Themen rund um Produktmanagement, Design, UX oder Business, Networking-Gelegenheiten und natürlich fleißig Möglichkeiten zu einem Austausch bei Bier und Snacks.

Du hast ein spannendes Thema, zu dem du gerne sprechen möchtest?Oder Dein Unternehmen möchte einen ProductTank hosten? Kontaktiere uns und wir machen es möglich.


ProductTank Karlsruhe provides an opportunity for Product People in and around Karlsruhe to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.

Since our inaugural event in September 2017 we meet every 6-8 weeks and usually host talks from guest speakers on topics around product management, design, UX or business, networking opportunities, followed by a good old-fashioned chat over a beer and some food.

Do you have an exciting topic you'd like to speak about? Or your company would like to host a ProductTank? Contact us and we'll make it happen.

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Jeff Gothelf - Sense & Respond, Continuously learning our way to better outcomes

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===== Registrierung bitte über/please register via: https://mindtheproduct.com/producttank/karlsruhe/2020/07/15/ ===== Dear Product People, have you ever heard of "Lean UX"?! We guess the answer is a clear YES! We have no other than Jeff Gothelf speaking to our ProductTank Karlsruhe community this time, which is absolutely amazing! Jeff will share his experiences, ideas and thoughts about learning our way to achieve better outcomes in order to ship products that change the behavior of its users (i.e. our users) according to our expectations! You can find the abstract, a short bio of Jeff and the event's agenda below. Now grab your seat and join us live on July 15th! Abstract: Traditionally, the "Definition of Done" for software has been focused on whether or not the software works as it was designed. Can you submit a form? Complete a task? Buy a product? Then the software works. This was relevant in a world of static software. Today, software is continuous. We ship it daily. In this reality, where shipping software is a non-event, the question of “does it work?” is no longer relevant. What really starts to matter is what our users are doing with that software. And perhaps even more importantly, we should question if that’s what we want to happen. Someone sharing a picture of their new baby is one thing. Someone instigating a mob of twitter trolls to harass a target is completely different. The systems we create generate outcomes -- changes in user behavior. The modern, continuous nature of software allows us to build learning loops into every aspect of our work and, in turn, determine if what we’re doing is generating the outcomes we expect. In this talk, Jeff will cover how technology can enable tremendous gains but, when coupled with the uncertainty of human behavior, can often go awry. How can we ensure we’re working on products that actually make our users more successful? And how do we inspire a new generation of designers and developers to consider a new definition of “done” -- one focused on positively impacting customer behaviors. Biography: Jeff's work centers around transformation. Both in the digital and professional development sense. He is the co-author of the award-winning book „Lean UX“ and the Harvard Business Review Press book „Sense & Respond“, and his new book „Forever Employable“. Tooling for online participation: - Join us on YouTube: we will publish the link shortly before the event plus send it to you via mail - We will use Menti for the Q&A session so that we can collect your questions during the lecture. Voting for questions will also be possible again this time. The link will be shared at the beginning of the stream! Agenda (times are in UTC+2 | Germany): - 6pm - intro - around 6.15pm - talk held by Jeff - around 7pm - Q&A session Looking forward having you joining us on July 15th, Nicolas, Alide and Thomas

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