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MuMaLab Vereinstreffen - Club meeting
• What we'll do It's Thursday, and time for another MuMaLab e.V. Vereinstreffen (club meeting) 3D printers, an (still unfinished) CNC Router, a huge laser cutter, Arduinos, cold drinks... all that is waiting for you in the industrial atmosphere of our huge new hall. So come on by and help us or just have a beer and talk. =) Come to Kreativquartier at Dachauerstr (Tram / Bus Leonrodplatz) - follow the small street into the Kreativquartier next to house number 114, then to the right until you see the old fire station with a huge glass door. You've reached your destination! Not a Vereinsmember (club member) yet? Come and get to know us, we love meeting new faces! See you there! • What to bring • Important to know

Munich Maker Lab (Kreativquartier)

Dachauer Str. 112f · München

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Imagine a place that feels like your living room, your workshop, your kitchen, a bar, and maybe a concert hall. Imagine a community that likes to share, to teach and learn, to collaborate and build new things. Imagine a platform for creativity, fun, and awesomeness.

The Hacking Room Project was started in April 2013 to create a new Hacker-/Makerspace in Munich. After less than a year, in February 2014, we founded the Munich Maker Lab e.V. and moved into our first space, a 25m² room at Werk1 München. A year later, we expanded and moved into new rooms in Obersendling. Since early 2017, we have a 220sqm industrial space in the Kreativquartier, at Dachauerstr. 112F

Join us, and find your hacking room. See you at one of our next meetups.

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