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Imagine a place that feels like your living room, your workshop, your kitchen, a bar, and maybe a concert hall. Imagine a community that likes to share, to teach and learn, to collaborate and build new things. Imagine a platform for creativity, fun, and awesomeness.

The Hacking Room Project was started in April 2013 to create a new Hacker-/Makerspace in Munich. After less than a year, in February 2014, we founded the Munich Maker Lab e.V. and moved into our first space, a 25m² room at Werk1 München. A year later, we expanded and moved into new rooms in Obersendling. Since early 2017, we have a 220sqm industrial space in the Kreativquartier, at Dachauerstr. 112F

Join us, and find your hacking room. See you at one of our next meetups.

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