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How does Stuttgart design digital products? This Meetup aims to answer this question. Interesting companies in and around Stuttgart will open their doors for us and give us a peek into their daily product design practice.

But wait, why is this question even relevant?

In the agile environments we work in, strictly applying processes and methods to any given situation has become obsolete. The number one skill to have is the ability to come up with fitting processes for our individual context and to constantly iterate on them.

We want to shift from following recipes to understanding how good flavors are developed and come up with our own dishes! Visiting Stuttgart's freestyle cooks will help with that. We will see how they put the different ingredients together to come up with beautiful dishes, what they learned while experimenting and what still needs improving.


We will:

• Get an insight into product practices

• Meet likeminded product designers

• Share our ideas, experiences and learnings

• Bond over failures and unsuccessful experiments

• Ask and answer questions

• Discuss hot design topics

• Maybe even meet our future employer...



• Product Management

• Continuous Discovery & Delivery

• Lean UX

• Human-centered Design (HCD)

• Life-centered Design

• Design Thinking

• Design Sprints

• UX Design

• UX Research

• Agile (Scrum...)

• And many more


Sounds awesome? Then join us!

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