Worum es bei uns geht

It seems you like board games and also like playing those games? Then this group is perfect for you. We are for playing different kind of games. Be it the classic games like Monoploy or something modern like the game which just came out recently.

Just to give an idea of some of the board games:

Smash Up, Munchkin, Love Letter, Coup (+ expansion reformation), The Resistance, Dixit, Panic Lab, Gloom, Cockroach Dance (Kakerlaken Tanz), Tarantula Tango (Tarantel Tango), Cockroach Poker Royal (Kakerlaken Poker Royal), Cheating Moth (Mogel Motte), Once Upon A Time, Taboo, Takenoko, Solo, Hanabi, Dooble, Ticket To Ride (Zug um Zug), Saboteur, Barbarossa, The Castle of the Devil (Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg), Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Werwölfe vom Düsterwald)

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