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A meetup for everyone who has an interest in Web Engineering.

Web Engineering is the discipline of building and improving the web or web apps. This includes everything like PHP, JavaScript, Go(lang), Elixir, Elm, SQL, Caching, Frontend, (agile) project management, humans / computer science, databases, programming, knowledge sharing with people of similar interests and everything else that is related to (web) development.

You want to share knowledge? Meet new people with similar interests? Just want to see something new? Want to learn different things?

Everyone is welcome regardless of knowledge level, job, beginner, professional, etc. Join us! We meet regularly (once a month). Have a look at our next meetups!

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Write a link checker in a weekend? && The Dark Side of Migration and Rebuilding

Covid forced a pause. We took a bit of time off and regained energy. Now we move again. Let's get into it!

In June, we will be sponsored by Babiel (https://www.babiel.com/de) and do an evening with two talks.

• So you can write a link checker in a weekend? (by Matthias Endler)
• title comes soon (by Christoph Reinartz)

+++ Agenda +++
• 18:00 - 18:50: Arrival, get a drink and socialize
• 19:00 - ~19:30: Talk #1 + Q&A
• 19:50 - ~20:20: Talk #2 + Q&A
• 20:25 - Open End: Socialising

## +++ So you can write a link checker in a weekend? (by Matthias Endler) +++

Many developers suffer from the "curl" syndrome: they think they could
write curl on a weekend. After all, how hard can it be to open a network connection and return the result!?
I thought the same when I started writing a link checker in Rust. After just one weekend (and two more years) I had something working, well, barely working.
From weird network responses over timeouts to retry-handling there are a lot of things to consider.
Follow me on my journey through the weirdness of the broken web and why seemingly simple things can get complex.

Matthias Endler is a Backend developer and Open Source maintainer focused on Rust.
With his solid knowledge of performance optimizations and scalability, he helps companies worldwide to get the most out of Rust. He spoke at conferences such as FOSDEM in Brussels, Cod{e}motion in Amsterdam, BrisTech in Bristol, and gave workshops at RustBeltRust and RustFest.

## +++ It's a Trap: Don't Let Your Apps Go to the Dark Side of Migration and Rebuilding (by Christoph Reinarzt) +++

Migrating and rebuilding apps can be a real minefield, especially when you're in hypergrowth mode. Join me for a laid-back chat as I will dive into the ups and downs of app migrations in rapidly expanding environments where legacy software always makes an appearance. I'll spill the tea on the dangers of overengineering, scope creep, and the confusion that comes with ambiguity. Oh, and I won't hold back on sharing our epic wins and fails along the way. So, if you want some practical tips and real-life stories to navigate these tricky waters, grab a seat, and let's chat. Together, I'll make sure your apps stay far, far away from the dark side.

Christoph is a seasoned product leader with a diverse background in software engineering, engineering management, people leadership, design system development, and product strategy. Throughout his career, he has held various roles that have given him a holistic understanding of the product development lifecycle.
Throughout his career, Christoph's mission has been to understand the intricacies of product development and uncover valuable insights. It wasn't a deliberate pursuit but rather a natural consequence of his unwavering dedication to his craft. His experiences have allowed him to navigate the nuances of product development, exposing both the successes and failures that come with the territory.

How to get there
Vom Flughafen
Vom Düsseldorfer Flughafen ist die Babiel GmbH mit dem Taxi in 20 Minuten zu erreichen. Mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln fährst du mit der S-Bahn S1 oder S7 bzw. mit dem Regionalexpress bis zum Hauptbahnhof. Die Fahrzeit beträgt ca. 10 Minuten. Vom Hauptbahnhof nimmst du dann die U75 bis zur Haltestelle Kettwiger Straße (siehe Beschreibung ÖPNV).

Von Norden kommend
A52 Richtung Düsseldorf/Zentrum. Weiter auf den Nördlichen Zubringer/B1. Links abbiegen auf die Grashofstraße B7/B8. Die 2. Ausfahrt rechts auf die Brehmstraße/B8 nehmen. Weiter auf der B8. Links abbiegen auf die Erkrather Straße. Bei Am Bermeshau wenden. Das Ziel befindet sich rechts.

Von Süden kommend
Auf der A59 an der Ausfahrt 21-Dreieck Düsseldorf-Süd links halten zur A46 Richtung Neuss/Düsseldorf. Bei der Gabelung rechts halten und den Schildern nach Düsseldorf-Eller folgen. Geradeaus auf die Deutzer Straße/L85. Rechts halten auf Am Turnisch, dann links halten auf die Reisholzer Straße. Weiter auf die Erkrather Straße. Das Ziel befindet sich rechts.

U-Bahn ab HBF Linie 75 in Richtung D-Eller, Vennhauser Allee Haltestelle Kettwiger Straße, von dort aus ca. 400 m Fußweg

Auf dem Areal der Schwanenhöfe befindet sich ein Parkhaus. Parkmöglichkeiten befinden sich auch am Straßenrand der Erkrather Straße.


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