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agilePRAXIS has a particular meaning. "agile" is a behaviour of an interconnected world where knowledge emerges from those interactions. "PRAXIS" is the highest wisdom defined by Aristotle. PRAXIS is also related to episteme. It means "what to do at what moment in time, in what context and for whom".

Agile Praxis is about agile and all other challenges of the 21st century. These challenges might be "digitalisation", "Industry 4.0", "Service Design", "VUCA" or "Organisational Development".

This meetup has evolved from partly on-site to remote since a year by now.In the beginning, we had conversations on FaceBook, where we debated on ideas, concepts, opinions and interpretations. After a couple of years, I thought that I missed something, I wanted more. I wanted to share those conversations, to enlarge the conversation for a broader audience.

"It is more important for me to listen to how you are interpreting the music than how it is written."Hope you will enjoy it

Pierre E. Neis

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