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“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” - Harry S. Truman

We are a group of people who meet to talk about a book we all are reading. The books all revolve around agile and Leadership. And our goal is professional development and learning.

Come and join us.

And have a look into our archive.

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Agile Leadership Book Club - Radical Candor - Chapter 1 & 2

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After reading a couple of pages between sessions, we come together and discuss what we just read.

This time we'll talk about Chapter 1 & 2 of Radical Candor.


Agile Leadership Book Club - The Loop Approach - AMA with Frederik Fleischmann

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After finishing a book, we like to invite people who were involved in its creation. To answer all of our remaining questions.

This time Frederik Fleischmann will join the Agile Leadership Book Club to answer our questions about the book, the approach and how it all came to together. Frederik Fleischmann is Partner at TheDive and Co-Inventor of The Loop Approach.


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Agile Leadership Book Club - The Loop Approach - Part 3

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