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Angular Heidelberg: #ngHeidelberg v1 with Ferdinand Malcher at Fensterplatz HD

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Angular Heidelberg: #ngHeidelberg v1 with Ferdinand Malcher at Fensterplatz HD


Heidelberg's first Angular meetup. 🚀🚀🚀 Join for a great talk 🗣️ ("Angular and Angular CLI from scratch"), community updates and networking 🤝. Our special guest is Angular book author Ferdinand Malcher from Leipzig.

Angular is one of the biggest players in modern front-end development today. Though most people agree on the steep learning curve, Angular makes it super convenient to build big enterprise applications. Angular comes with batteries included: There’s almost nothing you can’t achieve with Angular.
What sums it up best is that coding with Angular is always lots of fun, magic and convenient.

#ngHeidelberg v1

For the first meetup, Angular book author and trainer Ferdinand Malcher from Leipzig will join us. He will discuss what makes Angular so great for all of us and go through the core concepts of the platform. We will also set up a fully-featured Angular app from scratch and see what’s in the box. You’re invited to join in and discuss what happens. What is your experience with Angular? We’d like to hear your story!


We are partnering with Fensterplatz Heidelberg (https://www.fensterplatz-heidelberg.de/) Expect a very friendly and creative atmosphere at a coworking space. No need for a car, it's very near to the central station (Hauptbahnhof Heidelberg).


18:30 - Doors open
19:00 - Official beginning of the meeting
19:00 - 19:30 - Round of introductions
19:30 - 20:30 - 🗣️ Talk by Ferdinand Malcher
20:30 - 21:00 - 🍕 Evening meal (Pizza)
21:00 - 21:30 - 🤝 Networking
21:30 - Official end of the meeting


Coffee ☕ and water is for free (sponsored) at the bar. You can order other beverages from the bar, too. Everything which is not coffee or water must be paid on you own. Please DO NOT take a drink directly from the fridge! Always place you order to one of the Fensterplatz staff. At an early stage the organiser (Johannes) will ask the people if they want to stay for a pizza. Pizza comes for free, too.


There is WLAN available, but not electricity for everybody. You can bring your laptop with you, if you want. But you won't need it. A mobile phone might be useful, since you are encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #ngHeidelberg.

Photography: Pictures will be taken. They will be added to meetup.com and to social media platforms like twitter. Please don't complain during the meeting about pictures being taken, this creates a bad atmosphere. If you don't agree to be photographed, please do not join the meeting.

The location is small and you might search for toilet facilities. They do exists, follow the information sign which leads you to the main building.


Please play fair. This is our code of conduct: https://berlincodeofconduct.org/

Kurfuersten-Anlage 58 · Heidelberg
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