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The Hamburg AWS User Group meets every month to discuss and share topics around the AWS Cloud.

We are a group of AWS users with very different experiences and backgrounds but want to learn from each other and welcome everybody from a Cloud Newbie to experienced user.

As this group is based on the principle that content should primarily come from within the group and for the group we are always looking for people who would like to share their stories or provide a location where we can meet. You can use the links below if you would like to submit a talk or location:

• Call for hosts: https://forms.gle/h4dfNkzDHkQPK1bZ8

• Call for talks: https://forms.gle/NLzqsHbkAmGM1TGB6

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AWS Community Day 2022

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Dear AWS'lers,

we are very happy to announce the AWS Community Day in Dresden on October 19th!

The AWS Community Day 2022 DACH is a one-day, user-run AWS technical conference that is planned, organized, and delivered by the AWS user group community in DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

It's like a "Meetup of Meetups". The goal of the Community Day is to facilitate the exchange of information amongst the AWS user community. All presentations are given by speakers who are fellow AWS users sharing knowledge with their peers.

Eventpage: https://www.aws-community-day.de/
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aws-community-day-dach-2022-tickets-397375961197

Hamburg AWS User Group Virtual Meetup — 2022/11

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Dear AWS'lers ,

for the November event of our AWS User Group, we have a presentation by Tobias Matern (AWS):

"How cross-functional teams iterate quickly on a Modern Data Plattform"

Businesses today see increasing demand for Data Products tailored to their customers but the landscape to build those is challenging: Tightening compliance requirements, increase in volumes and types of data and silos of existing data. In this session you will learn how businesses can significantly increase productivity and adapt to customer needs faster by working in cross-functional data teams on top of a Modern Data Plattform.

We will announce the meeting link here on the day of the event.


17:00 Welcome und warm-up

17:15 Presentation by Tobias

We are looking forward to you and the event.
As usual, we are always looking for new speakers and topics. In case you would like to share something within our AWS User Group, feel to reach out via email, meetup.com, or use our Google Form to submit your idea: https://bit.ly/3wP7FpH

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Hamburg AWS User Group Virtual Meetup — 2022/07

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