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This meetup is focused on Azure and Development with Cloud technologies
Join us and find others with same interests by a beer - follow us on youtube (https://youtube.azuredev.org), Twitter (https://twitter.azuredev.org/) and on LinkedIn (https://ln.azuredev.org/)

What the group is about
At the Azure DEV Meetup Munich we share experiences about architecture, patterns, tools and other cool stuff in context of Azure.

Who is the group addressing
It doesn't matter if you are more in Java, C#,NodeJS or other languages - Azure is open to the most popular languages, so we are. It also doesn't matter if you are an Azure pro or Azure have just aroused your interest - we welcome all levels!
The goal is to build a DEV community based on open mind and community driven input.
If you are a Software Engineer, Developer, Software Architect, Data Scientist, Test Engineer or Requirements Engineer or interested in one of these or enclosed disciplines - welcome!

What we do
We want to try to be Hands on or near to that, playing around with Azure, IoT and other nice nerdy things - we are just big kids, aren't we?

Stay connected
youtube (https://youtube.azuredev.org/), Twitter (https://twitter.azuredev.org/) and on LinkedIn (https://ln.azuredev.org/)

Contact us!
If you have a specific Topic you are interested in, pls drop a message.
Speakers are welcome, please drop a message including your topic and a some dates of your availability.

Missed an Event?
No matter! We keep all Materials and Information together and you can read it here (https://www.azuredev.org/blog/).

Code of conduct
All Members of this community accepted and follow this code of conduct (https://www.azuredev.org/code-of-conduct/).

Happy Hacking!

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