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We organise mixed doubles badminton sessions of advanced intermediate to expert level. To join the group, you should have at least 50 hours of competitive badminton game play experience. Of course, you then know the rules of the game and aree able to keep count on your own. We don't offer coaching or training.

******* NO BEGINNERS ********

Regular sessions Thursdays and Saturdays at Park Club Nymphenburg. Ad-hoc sessions on announcement.

Court costs 18-25€ depending on time and whether it is a regular or one-off booking. Price + small admin Fee is split by number of people. Please bring change and remember to pay before you leave.

Join a session only if you intend to come! This also applies for the waitlist!
You are responsible for keeping your attendance setting up to date. Cancellations on short notice (less than 36 hours before an event) are not acceptable other than for health reasons as we add or delete courts at that time based on number of people who have accepted/are on the waitlist.

We do reserve the right to delete your membership if you don’t show without cancelling on time.

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