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What is Constellations? It is an approach that by passes our rational thinking mind by using systemic phenomenology to uncover and explore hidden dynamics, expose embedded patterns, or reveal 'sticky' relationships. The result may be insights, understandings, next steps or a shift in paradigm. A Constellation seeks to move the system towards 'movement' & away from 'stuckness'.

This methodology was first introduced by Bert Hellinger within family systems.  After a while people started enquiring into the organisational area and Organsiational Constellations was developed.  Both the Family and Organisational Constellation work is ever changing and developing as the methodology is deepened by those who have made it their life's work.

“A constellation shifts people's perception of where problems come from and suggests ways to move forward differently that strengthen and build. The new perspectives allow issue-holders fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility and a strong focus on action. In addition, a synchronous shift sometimes takes place in the real organisation or community that has been represented. “ (Judith Hemming)

Each session will differ and will depend on what arises in the session. We will either explore a larger problem that someone brings in either from the family system or has within an organisation that they work in or that they are working with. Or we can run small structured constellations that everyone can relate to.

Sandra Distelli is a seasoned Family Constellator and runs monthly Family Constellation workshops generally on the 18th of every month. Cost 50chf.

Dawn Voyce is a budding Organisational Constellator and runs Org. Constellation gatherings on the 1st Friday of the month. Cost 5chf to cover costs only.

Who should come? Anyone interested in exploring Constellations and the methodology.  For Organisational Constellations, anyone working within or with organisations, or anyone who has a business related problem that they would like some insights on.