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New Tech is a community of 12,000 geeks who live and work in Colorado. We're the largest community run group in the state and we host monthly events in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Longmont.

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Pitch Night (Colorado Springs)

Epicentral Coworking Downtown

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: peakstartup.org/pitchnight Pitch Night provides startup organizations an opportunity to practice their 5-minute pitch and receive feedback from the audience. Come meet your fellow startup community, see a pitch firsthand, and offer your valuable insights. Program begins at 5:45 PM. Free beer and pizza! Always a great time! To register for the event, or if you're interested in applying to pitch, please complete the appropriate forms at peakstartup.org/pitchnight. Indicating that you are going on Meetup does not meet the registration requirement. Beat the line at check-in by completing registration before the day of the event. For more info on upcoming happenings or to get involved, check out peakstartup.org and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/peakstartup/. $5 donation per person suggested.

New Tech Fort Collins & Longmont: Cube sats: Discussion on Shrinking Satellites

New Tech (Longmont) Event- CubeSat Technology A PANEL DISCUSSION ON SHRINKING SATELLITES: WHY IT MATTERS Come geek out with us. You may be an expert or just learning about CubeSat, all are welcome for an engaging interactive presentation and discussion. Key speakers: - Marcin Pilinski: Research Associate and Adjunct Professor Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at CU Boulder. His research tacks are small-satellite system-design and integration as well as the design and utilization of novel small satellite sensors for space physics and geophysics (mainly aeronomy) research. - Bob Marshall: Assistant Professor in the Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research focuses on studies of the near-Earth space environment, and in particular the effects of lightning, meteors, and radiation in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. This research is conducted with a combination of instrument development and data collection, data analysis, and numerical modeling -Moderated by Rick Wilder - Research Scientist at CU Boulder "My main interest is in using the near-earth space environment as a laboratory in which we can learn about plasma physics. I am especially interested in magnetic field topology, magnetosphere-ionosphere current systems, and magnetic reconnection. I have worked with ground-based observations in the past, and currently work with space-based observations and numerical modeling of the geospace system." https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederick-wilder-180bb152/ Contact for questions: Jennifer FERGUSON Agenda: • Social time and welcome • Announcements; job openings & talent available • Thanks to our sponsors • This month’s theme topic and discussion • Networking Northern Colorado is one of the nation's premier spots to launch and grow a business. Our sponsors help keep Colorado a national leader among tech startups. Thank you Sponsors! Venue Sponsor: La Vita Bella Have a suggestion for a presenter? Let us know!

New Tech Boulder Monthly Meetup

CU IdeaForge

New Tech caters to designers, developers, executives, marketers, creatives, hackers and crazy inventors and scientists. Join us, each month as we celebrate new innovations and companies and people that make the Boulder entrepreneurial community amazing. NEW LOCATION Idea Forge on CU campus: Fleming Building 2445 Kittredge Loop Rd The Fleming building is northwest of Wolf Law, and the meeting room is on the lower floor near the east end. Parking is free and plentiful after 5 PM in the lot in front of the building. Presentations to be announced soon! You can find us online: • RSVP for events: http://bdnt.org • Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/bdnewtech • Linkedin group: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/134062/13FF4F50F5AC • Job postings: http://bdnt.org/hiring • Hire Freelancers: http://bdnt.org/freelancers • Present at a New Tech event: http://present.bdnt.org • Join the conversation between events in our Slack group: http://slack.bdnt.org • List your company for the world to see: http://bdnt.org Cheers @BDNT

NewTech Denver

The Commons on Champa

__________________________________________________________________ Help us build the playlist for the event!Spotify - ♫ NewTe.ch/music ( http://newte.ch/music ) ♫ Tech, tech and more tech, but this time in Denver. We've added an optional donation, this money will help fund New Tech as well as other startup activities in the area. Thank you. NewTe.ch/pitch ( http://newte.ch/pitch ) Check us out on the web: Slack: NewTe.ch/Slack ( http://newte.ch/slack ) | Twitter: NewTe.ch/Twitter ( http://newte.ch/twitter ) | Medium: NewTe.ch/Medium ( http://newte.ch/medium ) | Facebook group:NewTe.ch/Facebook ( http://newte.ch/facebook ) | Linkedin group: NewTe.ch/LinkedIn ( http://newte.ch/linkedin ) | Calendar of Events: NewTe.ch/Meetup ( http://newte.ch/meetup ) | Job postings: NewTe.ch/jobs ( http://bdnt.org/hiring ) Cheers! Our Sponsors: ***** insert sponsor ***** Help support us by using that same services that we use to make NewTech events great: NewTe.ch/Moo - Get 20% off your first order NewTe.ch/TaskRabbit - Get $20 when you sign up NewTe.ch/GoPuff - Get $5 when you sign up Your hosts: Aiko Cheslin and Robert Reich @NewTechDenver ( https://twitter.com/NewTechDenver )‏ @BDNT

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New Tech Boulder Monthly Meetup

CU IdeaForge

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