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Sponsor/Get founder and career coaching https://wistor.de I Our Berlin Entrepreneurs Group is for founders and everyone interested in startups, founding, building and growing a own company.

Meet other like minded founders, find co-founders and business partners.
Berlin Entrepreneurs Talk is hosted at different companies in Berlin to share experiences and best practices, to have high quality networking. 

Especially for Founders, Managing Directors, Managers and everyone interested in building an own successful company. Get quality networking, new inspiration, exchange ideas and new insights about building, managing and growing your company and meet other awesome members. 


Topics are focused on startups & technology: find the right co-founder, how to build your business, get funding, entrepreneurship, founder, co-founder, Gründer, team building, intrapreneurship, innovation, analytics, analysis, research and development, technology management, strategy, sales, how to grow your business, business development, internationalisation, marketing, technology (cars like hybrid, electric cars and partnerships with Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Tesla and more) as well as devices and mobile technology (partnerships with Google, Apple, Samsung), payment solutions (use and integration of like Paypal, Apple Pay), fintechs (like Stripe) ecommerce like (like ebay, Amazon), fashion tech (like Zalando), marketplaces (like Airbnb), healthcare (like Bayer, Hexal) all are rapidly researching and innovating their products and business models, building research centre, accelerators, incubators, test minimum viable product (idea to MVP, Lean startup) for startups + recommend a further topics you are interested in.

Together with his excellent team Markus Lühmann is organizing the Berlin Entrepreneurs Group. Markus Lühmann cofounded SAASecommerce, digital marketing and other companies inside and outside of Germany. Starting with his first product sourcing in Asia, Europe and America to marketing it online during high school over twelve years ago. He studied in Munich, Barcelona, Mexico City and Berkeley in California and worked for Deutsche Bank CIB, Mercedes-Benz R&D North America in Silicon Valley. Markus is Founder & CEO of Galaxonic with customers ranging from multinationals like Samsung to private clients. He enjoys to provide technology and digital marketing for more leads, higher conversion & increasing sales and executable strategies to grow businesses sustainably. Together with his wonderful wife Lin, the successful architect and natural beauty expert, he co-founded BIOVIERA. Their own self-proven highly effective 100% natural premium programs help many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities worldwide to gain and maintain their energetic, fit body and achieve their next impactful goals with continues power and energy

Feedback or anything else you want to share? Drop a note. Just send a short message to -> markus@galaxonic.com I Markus Lühmann I Xing I  LinkedIn I  YouTube I www.markusluehmann.com