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This group is for people who like self-improvement, adventure, communication and meeting new people. This meetup group is about creating connections with yourself and with one another. Members can join to challenge and improve their own abilities and social skills. What we do: sit in front of another person, whom you often don’t even know, and look that person in their eyes. That’s all. It’s that simple, yet it can achieve so much. Expect to leave with many new friends and a sense of deep connections with others. The events are free and open to anyone. There are drinks and snacks available and you are free to network and speak with anyone you like. You can find an example of this kind of event here:


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Eye Contact Experience Berlin

YOGA at Lobe Block

/// English below ///

Ihr Lieben,

Es steht Frühling vor der Tür und nach der langen Winterpause wird es wieder Zeit, aktiver in Kontakt zu kommen, mit uns selbst und den Menschen um uns herum. Nimm teil an diesem Eye Contact Experiment und beobachte, was es mit dir macht. Zusammen erschaffen wir einen sicheren Ort, an dem jeder willkommen ist.

Ablauf: der Raum steht offen zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr. Such dir einen freien Platz und warte, bis sich jemand zu dir setzt. Alternativ kannst du dich direkt zu jemandem dazu setzten. Atme ein, atme aus beobachte... Augenkontakt kann jederzeit unterbrochen werden, dh. du darfst zu jeder Zeit aufstehen und gehen oder den Partner wechseln.

Hast du Fragen oder fühlst du dich unsicher, sprich gerne mit uns.
Im Anschluss bist du herzlich auf eine Austauschrunde eingeladen.

Alles Liebe und bis bald.
Das Eye Contact Team Berlin.

Dear ones,
Spring is just around the corner and after the long winter break it's time again to get more actively in touch with ourselves and the people around us. Take part in this Eye Contact experiment and observe what it does to you. Together we will create a safe space where everyone is welcome.
Procedure: the room is open between 6 and 8 pm. Find an empty seat and wait for someone to join you. Alternatively, you can sit directly with someone. Breathe in, breathe out, observe.... Eye contact can be interrupted at any time, i.e. you can get up and leave or change partners at any time.
If you have any questions or feel unsure, please feel free to talk to us.
Afterwards, you are welcome to join us for an exchange session.

All the best and see you soon.
The Eye Contact Team Berlin.

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