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What's happening Berliners! We are firing up a local MLOps chapter for the best city on earth!

The MLOps Community fills the need to share real-world Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field. While MLOps shares a lot of ground with DevOps, the differences are as big as the similarities. We needed a community laser-focused on solving the unique challenges we deal with every day building production AI/ML pipelines.

We’re in this together. Come learn with us in a community open to everyone. Share knowledge. Ask questions. Get answers.

You can check out our Slack or podcast that’s filled with tips and tricks to overcoming the common obstacles we’ve all hit in the real world. Find the solutions you need. Share, learn, and grow with us, as we work to bring order to the chaotic world of MLOps

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  • MLOps.community Berlin - Summer Edition ☀️☀️
    Techspace Kreuzberg, Berlin
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