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Über uns

We (used to) meet regularly (1st tuesday each month) at Co-Up in Berlin, Kreuzberg to talk about PHP, Web-development, OpenSource software and similar topics. Curious? Eager to meet new people and to learn about new technology - or keen on sharing the knowledge gained by preparing a talk yourself? Just drop by at the next meetup!

Message to all members:

Hello Berlin PHP Usergroup members,
I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. As organizers, We've seen our group go through many ups and downs throughout the years. Recently, we've faced some challenges, especially with fewer talks and meetups.
Today, we want to hear from you. Our monthly meetups have been a key part of our group, a place for sharing, learning, and networking. But we've seen a drop in participation and talk proposals, which isn't surprising given recent times with COVID-19 and all. Now, we need to think about what comes next for our group.
What do you want to see in our future meetups? Your ideas and interests are important to shaping what we do. Here's what I'd like to know:
What topics are you interested in? Are there specific areas in software and web development, or programming you want to explore? Let's tailor our meetups to what you wish to learn and discuss.
Any ideas or talks you would like to share? Our group is a great place for you to present your knowledge and experiences. You can even practice your presentation skills, and get valuable feedback - first timers welcome!
How can we make our community stronger and more welcoming? Your suggestions are key to making our group better for everyone.
This is our chance to make our group even better. Please share your thoughts, ideas, or questions here in the Meetup.com "Discussion" area or contact us directly.
Your input is crucial in keeping our community active and relevant.
Kind regards,
The Berlin PHP UG Team