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2023 update: Talk & Play is back and a series of workshops is in the works!

This group is dedicated to the Berlin game scene and it's open to anyone interested in games, in all their forms. Everybody's welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we'll make sure you have a good time! Since 2013 we've been organising Talk & Play, an event featuring short talks and a showcase of games and game-related projects. Additionally, we've also organised events such as game jams and partnered with other organisations and institutions to promote the local game scene.

In between physical events our community keeps in touch through our Discord server, which you are welcome to join: https://discord.gg/jryUJaK. You can find us on Mastodon, Instagram and Twitter too.

We also plan to finally update and refresh BerlinGameScene.com at some point 😅

Our Safe Space Policy encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play and other events organised by us. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.

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