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This group is for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of business, design & technology. We want to bring together a diverse group of people encouraging exchange to bridge the gaps between disciplines. This is a meetup for thinkers (and surely also doers) to build thought leadership and push the edges of business innovation. We are happy to invite you to bring an open mind, a lot of questions and to join us for the upcoming events.


A deeper dive into the triage of business - design - technology (BDT)
In a complex and over-saturated world, it is not enough to rely solely on the dimensions of design & technology to innovate new products. Innovation for innovation’s sake doesn’t work anymore (and maybe hasn’t ever actually).
In this group we’ll discover where and how real innovation is created, looking into the garages of this world’s entrepreneurs and into the big innovation labs of big multinationals. At the same time, we deep dive into the structured approaches to discover innovative solutions for the big business challenges of our time. Our main hypothesis for the meetup is that we can only create true innovation when great technology and design are in alignment with business viability. Only then we create business value and value for the customer.

Good things in business innovation start with good questions, so we’d like to ask in this meetup:
• What does a Business-Design-Technology Thinking and Mindset to create new ideas look like? 
• What is BDT Thinking?
• Is BDT Thinking pure Entrepreneurship
• Why should we do it?
• What should we do?
• Who should we do it for?
• How can we do it?
• Where should we do it?
• What is the benefit we are creating and for whom?
• How can we measure our impact?
• How can we ‘design’ our way forward? 
• What is the societal impact of our work?
This is about how we design the future.
Some notes on how we understand things… 
Business Design means:
Design is the activity of turning vague ideas, market insights, and evidence from testing into concrete value propositions and solid business models. Good design involves the use of strong business model patterns to maximize returns and compete beyond product, price, and technology (from the book The Invincible Company)

The Business part focuses on the viability of a challenge and embraces:
• Business Analysis
• Business Modelling
• Problem Analysis
• Process Analysis
• Business Strategy
Design in the narrower sense addresses the desirability and includes:
• User & Customer Experience
• Exploring the User Journey
• Emotion
• Storytelling
• Visual Thinking
• Empathy
• Human-Centered
• Qualitative Research
• Understanding Behaviors
Technology is the search for feasibility and a toolset:
• Tech stack / Architectural decisions 
• Scalability
• Feasibility
• Agile development
• Testing
• Performance/speed
• Databases, Frameworks
• Data Science / AI
• Frontend / Backend / Mobile
• Automation
• Augmentation
• Measurement
• Adaptability
• Speed
• Sustainability