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care 4 kids Switzerland has been around since 1990. We would like to meet new and existing Nannies for networking and special meet up events to connect, educate and learn from one another.

Our events will be based in Zurich and will range around coffee mornings, get togethers in the evening and sometimes educational workshops.

We look forward to meeting new and like minded Nannies who would like to connect with us.

Crista Cron

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care 4 kids Nanny Meet-up

Nooba Europaallee

Kommen Sie vorbei, lernen Sie care 4 kids kennen und lassen Sie sich alle Ihre Fragen beantworten . Wir sind hinten links im Restaurant am langen Tisch. Bitte bringen Sie Ihren vollständigen Lebenslauf mit. Wir freuen uns auf Sie. ------ Come and learn about care 4 kids and let us answer all your questions. Please find us at an OUTDOOR table in front of the restuarant. We very much look forward to meeting you! WATCH FOR OUR CARE 4 KIDS SIGN

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care 4 kids Nanny Meet-up


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