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Our goal is to learn together and share some insights about how to build production ready cloud apps and combine it with OpenStack, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, the Serverless paradigm and any PaaS or CaaS Solutions such as Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and Rancher to build new or manage existing applications and services at hyperscale providing high density, high availability and less energy consumption for a green IT and how to design and build Cloud Ready, fault-tolerant applications and services using auto-scaling capabilities.

Ever-changing goals

As we're living in a dynamic ever-changing world, our goals will change or extended from time to time. Join us and bring new ideas in and help to build a Green IT For A Better Life!

Join us and spread the word

After joining this group please spread the word among your friends and other fellow meetup groups, the success of this group depends on you and your friends.

Sponsors are more than welcome!

If you'd like to be our sponsor, you're more than welcome!


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