Worum es bei uns geht

Coding Leipzig is a home for developers of all skill levels. Everybody's welcome, everyone's invited, everyone will take something home from our meetups. This is not your usual "experts talk, audience listens" kind of experience but a community driven meetup that embraces a knowledge exchange culture as well as a strict "nice to have you here"-attitude.

So, if you usually think, "whoa, that one sounds advanced, I don't want to kill the level and don't raise my hand", don't be afraid: coding leipzig should in the first place become a meetup for developers by developers. We'd love to see your "I got my hands dirty on ..."-talk for sure, and there are nearly no boring topics. Here are some of my ideas for inspiration:

• How we rollout our ci pipeline on Kubernetes

• How I threw away the work from the last 6ys and rewrote everything in 3w in golang, now I'm a millionaire

• Why I like Kotlin so much

• Microservices and how we got rid of them

Here are some additional (mostly obvious) rules:

• we neither care about your gender, your skin tone, your religious views, the language your mother taught you nor your heritage or favorite science fiction series, we only care about you as a developer.

• no marketing, no recruiting, only tech and if possible: code (lets consider yaml valid, and of course you may announce that your company is hiring)

• don't bash one technology in favor of another without giving a concrete reason (Ruby is sh*t, Rust is much better, you know the game)

• one demo gets you rid of 10 slides so don't be shy and type live, we're all developers so we'll only laugh at obvious typos

• as soon as 1 person is around who doesn't understand German we switch to English (exceptions must be announced and if she doesn't understand English as well we ran out of options).

• if your English is bad, talk more of it, it helps (for real!)

• food is not always free, but maybe you get a t-shirt

• everyone can become a developer

• everyone can become a better developer

• being a bad developer doesn't make you a bad person

• there are no bad developers

• you do talk about coding leipzig

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