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Über uns

The DevOps Düsseldorf Meetup is a gathering of Software and Systems Engineers with varying degrees of experience. We're coming together to learn from each other as well as to connect with like-minded individuals. 

We started off with the Ansible Meetup Düsseldorf but after about a year of (mostly) talking about Ansible, we've broadened our scope. We have since had speakers from big companies like Google, Microsoft and Elastic as well as local companies like sipgate, Uberspace, bee42 and many more. 

We're always interested in talk proposals. Please head over to our Github and create an issue with your talk proposal. Thanks!

Please note: Do not contact the organizers with unsolicited requests or "special offers". We're not interested. If you abuse this platform for self promotion, this will be deleted and considered spam and you'll be banned after the 2nd strike.