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🍂 Join us for our Django Berlin Novemer Meetup! 🧣 🍂

We are a group of Python web developers from Berlin who use Django – the Python Web Framework.

Currently we are meeting online. The links are shared on the event pages.

Our ground rules are documented in the Berlin Code of Conduct (https://berlincodeofconduct.org/). Usually we speak English, no knowledge of the German language is required.

We also use the Slack space of the German Django Association: https://www.django-verein.de/slack/

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Django Kolo: Kill the debugger! (Online Event)


Welcome to the Berlin Django Meetup! 🧣
This month’s Django Berlin topic is: "Kolo: Kill the debugger and let your program speak to you!".

Our speaker is Wilhelm Klopp – Founder of Simple Poll for Slack and Kolo for Django (https://kolo.app).

🕢 Schedule
• 19:15 – Event Space opening
• 19:30 – Welcome
• 19.35 – Presentation: Kolo: Kill the debugger!
• 20:15 – QA + Open Talk
• 20:45 – End

This meetup will be an online event, using the meetanyway.com platform. Please sign up in advance: https://meetanyway.com/events/django-berlin-meetup

🤝 Connect
Feel free to connect with fellow attendees before and after the Meetup in our friendly Slack Channel: https://www.django-verein.de/slack/

💡 Upcoming Topics
Participate in our Slido to vote and share ideas. Or request upcoming topics: https://app.sli.do/event/wqvzlijk/live/questions

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