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.NET Community Austria veranstaltet monatlich ein Community Treffen rund um die Softwareentwicklung mit .NET. Wir sehen aber auch über den Tellerrand hinaus und beschäftigen uns mit Alternativen zu Microsoft.

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Real-Time Serverless Apps with .NET, Azure Functions and Azure SignalR

This meetup is organized by DotNetDevs.at (https://dotnetdevs.at/). In this talk, long-time MVP and MS Regional Director Rainer Stropek demonstrates the combination of Azure SignalR with Azure Functions based on an end-to-end sample. Be prepared for a session with no slides, just coding. Abstract: Nowadays, web apps that requires a user to reload a page in order to see updated information seem outdated. Users expect duplex communication between browser and backend to enable updates and notifications if something interesting happens on the server-side. WebSockets and SignalR are great technologies enabling that. In the past, building and running scalable web apps with these technologies was a real challenge. Recently, Microsoft has added a new serverless SignalR-service to its Azure cloud that frees developers from having to care for scaling manually. Additionally, Microsoft added support for combining the new SignalR-service with its serverless Azure Functions-framework. A dream team for real-time web apps was born. Timetable: - The stream starts at 18:00 at https://www.twitch.tv/dotnetdevsat - Intro & Talk will start at 18:15

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July 2020 Meetup - EF Core Hidden Gems


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