.NET Libraries With NuGet

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Bruno Garcia will give a presentation about creating .NET Libraries with NuGet.

There's no doubt that libraries are a big part of software development. They help developers focus on what's important and ship their products faster.
Libraries are also what empowers a software development ecosystem and are a great indicator of its usage/popularity and a reason to either adopt or not a new programming language.

In this talk I’ll show you how you can create a .NET library that can run on different apps like ASP.NET Core, Xamarin and Unity using multi-targeting and .NET Standard. We’ll make sure we run unit tests in different runtimes like .NET Core, .NET Framework and Mono, on macOS, Linux and Windows all while following the best practices used by Microsoft on their open source libraries. We’ll use free for open source CI and code coverage tools and services and finally, we’ll pack it up with NuGet and publish it to nuget.org.

The Venue will be provided by Donau City Spaces (https://techtalk.at/dc-spaces/), the new workshop & conference room provider in Vienna and TechTalk’s latest project.

After the talk we will go to the Copa Beach (https://www.copabeach.wien/) for some drinks and food.


- Door opens at 17:45
- Meetup will start at 18:15


- Welcoming
- Talk
- Socializing @ Copa Beach

Be aware, that TechTalk will be on the 16th floor and not anymore on the 11th.
We got a new office!