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.NET Community Austria veranstaltet monatlich ein Community Treffen rund um die Softwareentwicklung mit .NET. Wir sehen aber auch über den Tellerrand hinaus und beschäftigen uns mit Alternativen zu Microsoft.

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November 2019 Meetup

Tieto Austria GmbH

This time we have two awesome talks. 1. Talk - Modern Authentication with OpenID Connect by Martin Ullrich Martin will hold one of his talks he submitted to different conferences for us. When developing for modern service landscapes we need to deal with terms like OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, Bearer Tokens and more. In this vast landscape auth possibilities for authentication, it is easy to get lost. This session helps to understand and use the principles that underly modern authentication flows. Practical Examples will include ASP.NET Core, Angular and Azure AD. 2. Talk - Everything you (don't) want to know about async/await by Stefan Pölz Stefan has accumulated several years of professional experience with asynchronous programming and multithreading in .NET. He has helped crafting responsive applications and easy to use libraries by utilizing the power and brevity of async/await. Moore's Law is considered obsolete for a couple of years now: Modern CPUs no longer significantly increase in their raw clock speed, but more and more raise their processing power by increasing the amount of cores/threads they have. In order to benefit from those resources efficiently, .NET developers make use of the Task-based asynchronous pattern and the C# keywords async and await, while maintaining a high readability of the code. Complementary topics in this code-heavy talk will be: continuations and SynchronizationContext, cooperative cancellation, progress reporting; while also covering the latest framework additions ValueTask, IAsyncEnumerable and IAsyncDisposable. The Venue, Food and Drinks will be provided by Tieto. If you can't attend in person, we are streaming the talks at https://www.twitch.tv/dotnetdevsat Timetable: - Door opens at 17:45 - Meetup will start at 18:15 Agenda: - Welcoming - Talk - Socializing

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