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MVVM web apps in ASP.NET Core
Nowadays, there are many websites with a rich user interface that contains hundreds of grids, complex forms with many fields or modal dialogs and other features. The MVVM pattern is a great, commonly used pattern to build these experiences easily. Therefore, in this session, I'll talk about the open-source framework called DotVVM ( https://github.com/riganti/dotvvm ) which lets you build MVVM applications for ASP.NET Core easily and without writing tons of Javascript. You will see how the DotVVM works, what's in the background and its built-in features like validation, SPAs and more. Hello, I'm Martin, a Microsoft Student Partner in Czech and Slovak republic who found passion in software development. It all started with a curiosity to create my own website or mobile application. My primary field of focus is website development with ASP.NET and mobile application development with Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin. I'm glad I can share my experiences and ideas with other enthusiasts online as well as at technology conferences and meetups. Time: 1 hour plus questions

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