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This is a meetup group for everyone interested in weekly gatherings, preferably on Saturdays or Sundays, to run around 10 km through the Grafenberg forest north of Düsseldorf. Participants should be moderately or even better trained in running. No other requirements (except suitable foot wear). Before and after running, breath allowing even while running, we can speak German or English according to majority's wishes.

Generally, runs are on SUNDAYs, 10:30 at Grafenberg. As there are a lot of runners and not for everyone Sunday is a good date - if someone is interested and willing to set up events on Saturdays, they are welcome to (PM me).

Important note - especially if you are new, but always true - if you signed up but cannot make it, please sign out, even last minute. Else the rest of us keep waiting, which is especially bad in the current cold and wet weather!

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