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INTRO: With respect to our members who are originally from abroad and don't understand German or Swiss German (yet), this group's official language for all announcements, and presentations is English.

INTRO: Aus Rücksicht zu unseren ausländischen Mitgliedern, die (noch) kein Deutsch verstehen, unterhalten wir uns auf dieser Meetup-Seite und an unseren Anlässen auf englisch.

This group is for anyone who is interested in a vegan lifestyle, its purpose, and its values. We warmly welcome plant-curious omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Our potlucks in Zurich, Switzerland are a fun and inviting space to taste a huge selection of vegan dishes and spend a casual evening in the company of people from around the world. We share a big enthusiasm for great food and interest for a lifestyle that's good for your health, and kind to animals and the planet. Every now and then, we invite a guest speaker to present his expertise in the above-mention field or organisation.

For events taking place at our place, we welcome members' children aged 12+. There is no age limit for field trips or excursions.

The group's organizers are Roland and Caroline, a couple that turned vegan in early 2014. Roland is a medical doctor. He has met in person with acclaimed doctors and researchers specialised in plant-based nutrition, including Prof. T Colin Campbell, author of the acclaimed book "The China Study", Dr. Neal Barnard from the PCRM in Washington DC, and Dr. Michael Greger from nutritionfacts.org. During the potlucks, Roland is happy to answer any questions you may have about the relationship between food and health.

Members of this group can also join our Facebook group page (look for "Eat Positive"). There's so much to learn from each other and share.

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How To Take Action Against Food Waste

Roland & Caroline's place 🌱

Did you know that 2/3 of vegetables grown in Switzerland is not being eaten but ends up being discarded? Who is to blame for that: we consumers who often buy too much food and then end up throwing it away? Swiss farmers who grow too much crops in the first place and then have to discard 300,000 tons of often impeccable vegetables and fruits each year? Or retailers who don't buy some of the produce fearing they will have passed their peak of freshness within days of hitting the shelves—or simply because the plants don't meet their desired size standards (yes, there is such a thing as too large carrots!)? We have invited Martin Schiller to break down this complex topic for us and help us find out ways to win the fight against food waste. Martin is one of the 3 co-initiators of the Zurich-based Grassrooted association (https://www.grassrooted.ch). In just a short period of time, Grassrooted has launched a couple of spectacular, hugely successful food rescue campaigns and become a big player in the field of food waste awareness. PROGRAM: * 18.00: start arriving * 18.30: short introduction round * 18.45: dinner buffet style *[masked]: interview with Martin Schiller, followed by a short Q&A * 20.30: end of event (thanks for respecting the end time) PLEASE BRING: • A vegan dish for at least 4 people (a dish for 6 if you come as a couple or group of 2-3). Your dish can be savory or sweet • A serving utensil for your dish • If you prepare a soup, smoothie or anything in liquid form, please also bring mini-cups • If you don't have the possibility to prepare a dish, a good thing to bring is a large enough amount of fresh fruit for dessert • To keep our events earth-friendly, please bring your own (if possible reusable) plate, fork, and glass/cup • If you like to wear something on your feet, pack a pair of slippers WHAT IS VEGAN FOOD? It's regular food, just not from animals 🙂! I.e. no meat, poultry, fish, milk, butter, eggs, chicken/beef stock, gelatin, milk chocolate, and more. Two great online resources with thousands of recipes are Pinterest or findingvegan.com. Please ask if you have any questions. Please note that all our events are held in English.

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