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We are a private, humanitarian initiative with the mission to accelerate the transition to a world without age-related diseases.

The world has started the transition from an era in which we were utterly helpless about our aging process to one in which aging is under full medical control, and age-related diseases are a thing of the dark past. 

We are not there yet, but the theoretical groundwork has been laid and scientists have successfully started working on the fundamentals. The first human rejuvenation therapies are under development - some of them are even available today. 

For people close to the actual science, rejuvenation is not a matter of 'if' anymore but rather 'when' and whether it will be soon enough for 'us'.

Moreover, there is already a vast amount of cutting-edge medical knowledge that can be used right now to extend our healthy lifespan.

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, we need to navigate this time of transition and make very personal decisions about which treatments to apply and when. Arming ourselves with the best knowledge about therapeutic options is vital.
We think, a community sharing the same vision, all collaborating and supporting each other is really helpful in this regard.


More info on Forever Healthy https://www.forever-healthy.org/
Our "Rejuvenation Now" initiative https://www.forever-healthy.org/rejuvenation-now.html
Our "Maximizing Health" initiative  https://www.forever-healthy.org/maximizing-health.html
Our "Longevity Strategy"

You can join the global Facebook community here http://fb.com/groups/foreverhealthy.org