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A meetup group to discuss the Go Programming Language.

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The Go programming language is an open source project to make programmers more productive. Go is expressive, concise, clean, and efficient. Its concurrency mechanisms make it easy to write programs that get the most out of multicore and networked machines, while its novel type system enables flexible and modular program construction. Go compiles quickly to machine code yet has the convenience of garbage collection and the power of run-time reflection. It's a fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.

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[GoSF] Scavenging for Reusable Code in Kubernetes Code + Consensus Algorithms

Agenda ----------- 6:00 Networking | Food | Drink 6:30 Speakers • Scavenging for Reusable Code in the Kubernetes Codebase • Networking Break (15min) • A Survey of Consensus Algorithms and How Decentralized Programming is Different from Centralized Programming --------------------- About the Sponsor and Host At Cruise, we are building the world’s most advanced, all-electric, self-driving car technology to safely connect people with the places, things, and experiences they care about. Self-driving cars will help save lives, reimagine cities, redefine time in transit, and restore freedom of movement for individuals who live in dense urban settings. Cruise has partnerships with GM and Honda and are offering fully integrated manufacturing at scale. Their partnerships, resources, and technology approach of “hardest challenges first” are key to their goal of launching all-electric, self-driving vehicles at scale. [REGISTRATION] All attendees must confirm their attendance here: events.getcruise.com/gosf0918 *see below regarding parking, transportation, and entry notes. --------------------- Talk 1: Scavenging for Reusable Code in the Kubernetes Codebase The magic of open source software and Go's support for remote import paths makes it trivial to import and run code from many of the most popular CNCF projects directly in your own project. Sometimes, however, the process of finding that one piece of code in a large codebase that’s just right for your use case can feel like a scavenger hunt. But the spoils of the hunt are vast. This talk explores how the Linkerd project has leveraged the Kubernetes codebase to replace their bespoke code with existing code that's more robust and better tested. Specific examples include adopting the cli-runtime package to provide a consistent CLI experience, and switching the project to use Kubernetes' shared informers for caching API responses. Linkerd's Kevin Lingerfelt will show you how to undertake an effective Go scavenger hunt, and he'll discuss when you should skip the hunt and write it from scratch. About the Speaker Kevin Lingerfelt is a software engineer at Buoyant and a core contributor to the Linkerd project, focusing mostly on the control plane, which is written in Go. Prior to working at Buoyant, Kevin was a senior staff software engineer at Twitter, working on infrastructure and decomposition of their legacy Ruby on Rails monolith. Talk 2: A Survey of Consensus Algorithms and How Decentralized Programming is Different than Centralized Programming Jack Zampolin from Cosmos/Tendermint will provide a survey of consensus algorithms and show how decentralized programming is different from centralized programming and distributed processing. About the Speaker Jack Zampolin is a Product Manager at Cosmos/Tendermint. He helped launch the Cosmos Hub and is leading them towards a future of many blockchains. Previously Jack worked at Blockstack and Influxdata. Cosmos is an open, distributed network of interoperable blockchains powered by the Tendermint consensus algorithm. --------------------- * LOCATION NOTES REGISTRATION: All attendees must confirm their attendance here: events.getcruise.com/gosf0918 ARRIVAL AND ENTRY: Parking is limited and so public transportation or Uber/Lyft is recommended. The closest public transit stations are Civic Center BART or 4th & King Caltrain. If you take Uber or Lyft, make sure to set you destination to "1250 Bryant Street". There are no bike parking, coat check, or storage inside the Cruise office. Please keep all personal items with you at all times as Cruise is not liable for any loss or damage. NDA and Photo ID Please register using the link provided in this listing. You will receive an email to register with Cruise and sign Cruise’s NDA. Bring your photo ID to enter the building. (GoSF has been assured that information will only be used for entry into the building and not for marketing and/or third-party use.)

[GoSF] Demystifying gRPC + Decentralized Storage Powered by Go [Wed, Oct 16th]

Agenda ----------- 6:00 Networking | Food | Drink 6:30 Speakers • Demystifying gRPC • Networking Break (15min) • Decentralized Storage Powered by Go (Siva Dirisala,0Chain) --------------------- About the Sponsor Samsara’s mission is to bring the benefits of sensor data to the organizations that drive our economy—from transportation and logistics to construction, food production, energy, and manufacturing—and to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of their operations. Visit them at www.samsara.com --------------------- Talk 1: Demystifying gRPC: You’ll Never REST When engineering Argo CD, we decided to use gRPC for the API layer. We love gRPC support for out-of-the-box streaming, explicit formatting of messages, and performance, but came up against some serious challenges due to the lack of browser and load balancer support for gRPC. We’ll walk you through our experiences, looking at things like downgrading to HTTP/1.x, Swagger support, code gen options, and general Go hacking - so you’ll be ready for your gRPC journey! About the Speakers Alexander Matyushentsev is a Principal Engineer in the Intuit Modern SaaS team. Alexander is focused on building tools which makes it easier to use Kubernetes. He is one of the core contributors to "Argo Workflows" and "Argo CD" projects. Alexander is passionate about open source, cloud-native infrastructure, and tools which increase developers productivity. Jesse is a Principal Engineer at Intuit developing microservices-based, distributed applications for Kubernetes. He was an early engineer at Applatix (acquired by Intuit), building a platform to help users run containerized workloads in the public cloud. Prior to that, he was part of the engineering team at Tintri and Data Domain working on virtualized infrastructure, storage, tooling, and automation. Jesse received his B.A. in Computer Science & Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. Talk 2: Decentralized Storage Powered by Go (Siva Dirisala,0Chain) Siva Dirisala from 0Chain will talk about decentralized storage solutions - why they are needed and how they operate. He'll describe 0ChainNet and 0Storage both of which are built using the Golang, which makes it easy to deal with concurrency inherent with blockchains and decentralized storage protocols. 0ChainNet is a Nonlinear Proof Of Stake-based blockchain with multiple leaders. 0chain's dStorage is a decentralized storage platform built leveraging 0chainNet. As part of his talk he'll talk about the architecture and how they are using using erasure coding and proxy re-encryption to provide a fast and secure solution. He'll also address the underlying technical components and go interfaces network and platform use including RocksDB (accessed via gorocksdb), Cassandra (using gocql), and Herumi’s BLS code for cryptography. About the Speaker Siva Dirisala, CTO of 0Chain, has 20 years of experience in Cloud and Big Data at Oracle and Service Now. He has led the architecture and development of 0ChainNet, 0Box, and 0Wallet, and led innovations of several 0Chain protocols.

[GoSF] Save the Date [Wed, Nov 20th]


Agenda ----------- 6:00 Networking | Food | Drink 6:30 Speakers • TBD • Networking Break (15min) • TBD --------------------- About the Sponsor Calm's mission is to make the world happier and healthier. We have the #1 Health and Fitness App worldwide, with over 50 million downloads. Our products provide life-changing programs for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. --------------------- Talk 1: About the Speaker Manish is the founder of Dgraph Labs and the author of Dgraph, Badger and Ristretto. He got thrust into distributed systems right out of college, working in Web Search and Knowledge Graph infrastructure group at Google for 6.5 years. He led various projects to consolidate and serve all structured data including the knowledge graph right behind web search. He has given multiple talks at various Go meetups and conferences, most notably in Gophercon Shanghai where he presented in front of a thousand developers. Talk 2: If you'd like to speak, please contact the organizers.

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