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🦄 Welcome to HH.js – the JavaScript Meetup in Hamburg.

💡 We try to meet bi-monthly to talk about all things JavaScript and related topics. Our meetup is open for everyone working, playing and learning with JavaScript: beginners and experts alike.

🚀 Presentations wanted: if you would like to give a talk, please open an issue in our proposals repo (https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/issues/new?template=feature-talk.md). If you would like to rather start small and give a lightning talk, please use our corresponding template (https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/issues/new?template=lightning-talk.md). In any case, please check out our info for speakers (https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/blob/master/speakers.md).

🏠 Hosts wanted: if you could host one of our meetups, that would be great! Thanks in advance. To get an idea what that means and what we require, please refer to our info for hosts (https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/blob/master/hosts.md).

☎️ You can get in touch with the orga team in this Meetup group, via Twitter (http://twitter.com/hhjs) or in our #hhjs group on Slack (https://web-hh-slackin.herokuapp.com/).

🌈 Our meetup's primary goal is to be inclusive. We invite all those who participate in our events to help us create a safe and positive experience for everyone. Unacceptable behaviour from any community member will not be tolerated. We support the Berlin Code of Coduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org).

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JavaScript Meetup

Wunder Mobility

🦄 Let us meet again and learn about JavaScript! This is what we have scheduled: 18:30h doors open 19:00h intro 19:15h first talk & break 20:00h second talk & break 20:45h lightning talks 21:15h readme roulette (https://github.com/hamburg-js/roulette) 🚀 We are still looking for talks! Please add your ideas to our proposals repo: https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/issues/new?template=feature-talk.md ⚡️ For this event we are still looking for lightning talks - if you would like to present something short and sweet, please add an issue to our proposals repo: https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/issues/new?template=lightning-talk.md 💡 In any case, please check out our info for speakers: https://github.com/hamburg-js/proposals/blob/master/speakers.md 🌈 We welcome everyone willing to submit a talk. If you have never spoken publicly before we would still love to have you - and if you need support or feedback, just let us know.

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JavaScript Meetup

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