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Since last fall the Swiss CLAIRE office took over the lead for this meet up group and rebranded it to HELVETIC.AI. Due to many requests from various Swiss regions to join the meetup group, we decided to rebrand the group to HelvetivAI, targeting more curious minds about artificial intelligence (AI) all across Switzerland.

This meetup is not tied to a specific city in Switzerland, we are organising events ALL ACROSS Switzerland!

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HelveticAI is a social group that brings together individuals who are interested in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications.  

The group is comprised of a diverse community of individuals from Switzerland, including researchers, developers, students, and enthusiasts, who are passionate about AI and its potential to transform the world we live in. The group is also committed to promoting ethical and responsible AI practices.  

HelveticAI recognises the importance of ensuring that AI is developed and deployed in ways that are transparent, accountable, and beneficial to society. To this end, the group actively engages in discussions, events and initiatives related to AI ethics, responsible AI development, and the societal implications of AI.  

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Our why?
This group is dedicated to gather together professionals, researchers and everyone interested in the latest developments in machine learning and deep learning. The group hopes to foster an exchange of ideas among people applying these techniques in many different fields. If you are a researcher, a professional from Switzerland trying to break into machine learning and/or are just curious, join us to meet and listen to people working at the edge of what is possible within the field.

We are always looking for venues to host the next event and great speakers who are willing share their work. If you are interested to host us or speak yourself, please get in touch anytime!

Want to organize an event with us?
If you are interested in partnering for a meetup event in the near future to discuss exciting topics, please feel free to reach out here.    

We are looking forward to see you around!