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Welcome to HH.security - the meetup for information security folks in Hamburg.

As of 2019, we aim for having a meetup every 2-3 months. Speakers are always wanted - so please contact us if you want to talk at one of the next meetups :-)

As of topics, we are interested in anything remotely connected to modern information security, including

- SecOps

- Application Security

- Applied Crypto

- User Security & Awareness

- Compliance - no kidding :)

To our meetup applies a code of conduct. Abstract: Be a nice, inclusive person. Complete: http://berlincodeofconduct.org . If you ever encounter inappropriate behavior in the context of our meetup, please contact the organizers Ingo and Florian.

Hot news: Now, you can also find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/hh_sec.

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HH.security #11

Sinner Schrader

Save the Date. 🎉 Talk 1 ——— Andreas Falkenberg, Security Consultant, Amazon Web Services Professional Services „Managing AWS Accounts Securely And At Scale in Enterprises“ Enterprises that start their cloud journey in AWS usually start off with very few accounts. As the cloud journey continues, those few accounts can turn into hundreds of accounts in no-time. Without a proper strategy, those accounts quickly become unmanageable - especially from a security point of view. The results are large unknown risks and very often real exploitable vulnerabilities. This talk will give an introduction on how to manage hundreds of AWS accounts securely as an enterprise including common pitfalls that should be avoided.

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