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Über uns

Everything is possible in an Open Source World – but thinking only about Software would be fatal!

The infrastructure design is crucially important when it comes to scalability, costs, and security.
Within innovative discussion formats, we will debate hot topics, within the open-source world, blockchain solutions, cloud, security and the “good old” hardware.


4-Corner-Talks: 4 Corners, 4 Topics, 4 Key Notes, 4 Discussions

At the same time, we will have four different discussions in each corner of the room. Starting with a short presentation you will have the opportunity to pose your questions and discuss your thoughts with the other Open Source Econs. After 20min you change corners – and a new discussion starts !

Video in German - Florian erklärt hier was ein 4-Corner-Talk ist:

Battle Stage: 1 Ring, 1 Topic, 2 Opinions, 1 Battle – and you are in the middle of it !

We discuss one topic from two perspectives – in a provocative way. Everybody knows that the truth lies mostly in the middle. Which side do you favor?
Don´t forget your mental boxing gloves! ;-)

At our Meetups, you meet everyone, who is interested in new, innovative topics – techies, manager, start-up founders, IT-enthusiasts and everyone who just want to brighten their horizon!

See you soon :-)