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Welcome developers and ops engineers! This Meetup group focuses on tech topics around products developed by Intershop Communications AG. We are organizing Meetups to
• inform engineers on new features
• exchange knowledge on project solutions 
• sharing code, concepts and more
Please note there's no marketing. Just dev talk.
This includes Intershops commerce platform and Angular based store implementation (PWA).

Please, be sure to star and subscribe to our GitHub repo (https://github.com/intershop/intershop-dev-community) to be informed about upcoming topics.

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SPARQUE.AI: AI driven Search and Personalization

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This talk will discuss the technology behind the AI based personalization engine SPARQUE.AI. You will learn how you to configure it for exactly your needs and how to easily integrate it into your commerce solution driven by Intershop ICM and Intershop PWA or even others.

For more about SPARQUE.AI and personalization have a look here: https://sparque.ai/en/personalized-ecommerce

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PWA: Integrate Audio and Speech using Angular Web API

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