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Über uns

Introverts are not boring at all, they simply takes time to start with right people.

If you are studying or working on human psychology, you may not do it in loud bars, with lot of alcohol.

If you study or work in nursing, you may also need some understanding people to share your challenges.

Dealing with school children and young minds also needs sharing and learning of experiences.

If you are not fond of drinking a lot alcohol, if you are close to vegetarian or vegan.

(If u r non-vegetarian or drink in moderation, still you are our friend and we may also enjoy crazy loud music together, but some other time and at some other place. Here we encourage and appreciate vegetarian or vegan food and non-alcoholic drinks, which you can bring on ur own.)

If u are in connection with any of the point above and interested to meet same like minded people, at some peaceful place, not at a bar or a discotheque, so this place may be suitable for you.

This meetup is for the people interested in humanity and care for life & emotional balance.

Support each-other by friending, networking, team building along with study, language and work skills.

We believe in honesty, good friendship and support system.