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Inviting all Magento developers, shop owners, enthusiasts, partners, and professionals in Los Angeles and surrounding area.

The Los Angeles Magento Group is dedicated to sharing knowledge, best practices, development, innovations, and strategies for managing and maintaining an online e-commerce presence using Magento.

Here's what you need to do to get started: Join our group and add a topic you're interested in. Come along to our meetup and explore the wonderful world of Magento! Each meeting we'll chat about something different - We'll mix up the topics to keep it interesting for all types. Participants will be asked to contribute to the discussion and we welcome you to pitch an idea or host a debate about a topic you're passionate about. If you would like to present a Magento topic, be sure to add your idea to the discussion board. We look forward to meeting you and creating an awesome Magento user group meet up!

Inviting all Magento developers, enthusiasts, partners, and professionals in Los Angeles and surrounding area.

Please join and suggest any topics you would like to discuss.

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Magento from dev to prod with GitLab CI

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Continuous Delivery Pipeline as code is key helping you to ensure longterm maintainability. Treating your pipeline as code helps you to version it in your SCM of choice, makes changes easily traceable and lets anyone on your team make required changes. In this session I will show you how we build and maintain our Continuous Delivery pipeline using tools like GitLab CI, Docker, Nexus and Traefik. Together we will take a deep dive into the GitLab CI Build Pipelines to build and deploy docker containers to dev, stage and production environments. SPEAKER Stephan Hochdörfer He currently holds the position of Head of Technology at bitExpert AG, a company specializing in software and mobile development. His primary focus is everything related to web development as well as automation techniques ranging from code generation to deployment automation. COMPANY bitExpert AG SPONSORS / LOCATION Venue is kindly sponsored by Magento, 3640 Holdrege Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90016 Food and Drinks are kindly sponsored by Something Digital. Are you interested presenting and/or sponsoring food and drinks to LA Magento Meetups? Contact the organizer (Mosses Akizian) or co-organizer (Kalpesh Mehta).

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Impact of Sales Tax on eCommerce

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