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This meetup group is dedicated about Laravel and everything else that goes with it. The location alternates between Bern and Zürich.

🏅 Our goal is to share our passion.
🚀 Grow together as a developer and human.
😊 That we can spend a nice evening together with like-minded artisans.

Don't be shy and stop by. I promise you that you will not regret it. 🤞

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Not Quite My Type @Zürich

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Hey fellow Artisans 👋

We are excited to have Kai Sassnowski as a speaker in Zürich. 🙌

He is going to show us everything he knows about type safe applications. The main point of his talk is to make our applications more robust and less error-prone.

Kai is an excellent speaker and was already on the Laracon EU stage in front of hundreds of developers. In addition, he is contributing to Open Source and is maintaining Venture. A fantastic tool to create and manage complex, async workflows using Laravel jobs.

🗓️ Schedule

  • 19:00 Open doors
  • 19:30 Not Quite My Type with Kai Sassnowski
  • 20:15 Mingling
  • 22:00 Closing

The talk will be in English.

Snacks and drinks are sponsored by jkweb. 🙌

We are excited to meet you in person.

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Laracon Online Viewing Party

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