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The Berlin Rationalist Community.

We have different kinds of meetups (see http://lesswrong.de (http://lesswrong.de/)):

Rationality Meetups

These are irregular social meetups that feature a relaxed atmosphere and soup and are great for longer conversations and discussion in small groups.

Sequences Reading Group

In the biweekly reading group we focus on extracting insights from the LessWrong sequences and applying them to improve our rationality.

Effective Altruism Meetups

The biweekly meetups of our local effective altruists at the VEBU offices often host lightning talks and serve as an entry point for EA-related projects.

European Community Weekend

Berlin hosts the yearly three-day gathering of the European rationality community. The weekend is an extremely fun blend of conference, networking event and family gathering.

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Astral Codex Ten Meetup


This meetup is an open get-together for readers of Scott Alexander's blog Astral Codex Ten. We meet in Tiergarten and sit either on comfy grass or on blankets that you bring with you. If you want to make sure you have a blanket, take agency and bring your own. The same goes for everything else you expect to want to have access to whether food, drinks, mosquito repellents spray, temperature-appropriate clothing, sunglasses, a sunhat, or more creative items. Be agenty ;)

You can find the exact location in Tiergarten either through meetup.com or at w3w.co/alert.pencils.doctors

LessWrong Meetup - Hamming Circles

Park am Gleisdreieck

While he was at Bell Labs, the mathematician Richard Hamming was known (http://www.paulgraham.com/hamming.html) for sitting with different prestigious scientists and asking: “What are the most important problems in your field?” A week later, he’ll follow up with asking,”What important problems are you working on?”

Kind of an arse, but he gets to a really critical point. Some problems are much more important than others. The same question can be applied to your personal life: “what are the important problems in your life, and what is stopping you from working on them?”

For this meetup, we'll try to use a group rationality technique called a “Hamming Circle”, where we cooperatively help each other identify and try to resolve bottlenecks to what we each consider to be the most important problems in our lives. This can potentially be very useful.

14:00-14:15 Arriving and chatting
14:15-15:15 First Workshop Block
15:15-15:45 Mingling
15:45 -17:15 Second Workshop Block
17:15 -19:00 Mingling

If you find this interesting, you are welcome: no prior experience with rationality is needed. Looking forward to seeing you around!

You can find the location either at https://w3w.co/fühlt.beugen.freudig or via meetup. Given that it's a public park we might be located at a slightly different spot if another group already occupies the spot before we arrive.

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ACX Meetup

Jenseits - JVB e.V.