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Hands-on session: Refactoring Legacy Code

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Refactoring Legacy Code: From Push to Pull is a guided hands-on session in which we will take a small piece of code and refactor it to better suit the needs of the surrounding environment. The refactoring process will be broken up into a series of small steps designed to ensure that we never spend too much time in the red state; the goal is to always be only a couple of minutes away from code that passes all its tests. The entire process will be guided by our facilitator, Nicole Rauch.

Because we're starting with legacy code, you must be willing to work in either Java, C# or Ruby. If you don't know any of these, don't worry; we'll make sure you have a pair who does.

Please bring along a laptop with your development environment of choice. Make sure you can run tests in your preferred language.

Nicole Rauch, the lead facilitator for this session, is one of the leaders of the German software craftsmanship movement and organisers of the original SoCraTes. She's in London for a couple of weeks. She will be speaking at SPA Conference with Andreas Leidig on Wednesday 2nd July.