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Über uns

Welcome book lovers! In Mannheim Book Club, every month we meet in person to discuss fun/interesting books and socialize with a coffee/drink! Each month, we focus on one particular book we have pre-selected democratically. No prescribed format or questions, just free-flowing conversation and exchange of opinions and views among friends (and future-friends :) ).

  • Who are we? A group of cultured minds (male, female, diverse) from all walks of life and corners of the world, sharing our passion for books.
  • What do we like to read? Out of a multitude of genres, we focus primarily (but not exclusively) on modern fiction with a side of non-fiction. We are aiming to read interesting, thought provoking books, of a good intellectual and literally value. We value diversity in writing styles, authors’ origins and cultures, locations and characters explored in the books. As club members democratically choose the books, we are open to any book as long as members vote for it.
  • Language: The meetups are conducted in English. Members are welcome to read the books in English or any other languages they are familiar with but in order for all of us to understand each other the discussions are in English only. :)
  • When do we meet? The meetups are at 6pm every third Sunday of the month, in a cafe. The average session takes about 2 hours; it also depends on the number of people attending and how discussion-inspiring the book is.