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May.I - Azure OpenAI in the heart of your smart bot

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About the series: May.I
AI is everywhere and we want to provide our community the opportunity to learn more. Join this 3-parts series in May and learn more about the latest breakthrough of AI. Our expert speakers will share their knowledge and answer all your questions about their expertise. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, don't miss this chance to explore the world of AI with us!

About this session:
If you heard about ChatGPT – one of the most popular artificial intelligence platforms in the world right now, you heart about OpeAI. Azure is making it more accessible and adding all the benefits of the cloud to it. Let’s figure out what’s hiding behind all the hype.
You will learn about the core components of a chatbot and how Azure supports these components with its AI and machine learning capabilities. The talk will also showcase how OpenAI can be integrated into Azure-powered chatbots to add even more advanced features such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and recommendation engines.
In this session we’ll talk about general concepts of artificial intelligence, OpenAI offerings and machine learning models you can access using Azure OpenAI service. Then you'll learn about bot design and development tricks, tools and services to make your bot user appealing. In the end you'll see how to start developing a completely custom bot backed up by Azure OpenAI service.

Who is it aimed at?
Developers who is interested in adding AI capabilities to their solutions

Integrating ChatGPT into Apps

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Integrating ChatGPT into Apps

What is this event about?
Interacting with Generative AI and LLMs is not only limited to a chat window for creating prompts. In this session we will look at how you can integrate models like GPT-3 into games and other apps. We will explore along with Henri Schulte, Cloud Solution Architect, a project he built that integrates GPT-3 into the popular game Stardew Valley.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone interested in building with Azure OpenAI service and GPT models

What will I learn?

  1. The basics of building with GPT models and integrating them into games and apps
  2. How to use the Azure OpenAI service
  3. What Henri learned building his project using GPT-3 and Stardew Valley
  4. Next steps and resources to get you start building your own projects

Start Learning Now:
Azure OpenAI Service Documentation

Understanding some of the basics of the OpenAI services will be helpful but not required.

SpearCareer Workshop

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SpearCareer Career Test

Welcome to a short presentation & workshop where you will be given access to a newly developed job test. As an aspiring professional or job switcher, this test quickly helps you to identify your professional preferences and profile yourself; which helps you to find a better job, faster.

What is this event about?

This event is a Workshop where you will be given access to a newly developed Career Test.

Who is it for?
You are either an aspiring professional, or a professional looking to switch to a new career. You are optimally aiming to work in a tech role, or in a role where you'll be supporting tech people.

Why Should you attend?
The test quickly helps you to identify your professional preferences and profile yourself. This will make you stand out better in your competition, and will aid you in finding a better job, faster.

It was developed by Michael Weinstock Johansson, a Speaker and Educator in the field of Career + Tech. This value-packed test draws on years of experience in teaching, coaching, and recruitment.

Deploying Infrastructure to Azure with Terraform - Understanding Terraform

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About this session:
In this interactive session, we will explore the core concepts of Terraform, a popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, and learn how to use it to deploy a static web application on Azure. The session will be a mix of theory and hands-on exercises, ensuring participants gain practical experience along with conceptual understanding.

Who is it aimed at?
Developers and DevOps engineers interested in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and deploying static web applications on Azure.

Why should I attend?
If you are looking for an interactive session on Infrastructure as Code with Terraform on Azure, this is exactly the session. Here are some learning objectives: Understand the core concepts of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and the role of Terraform in IaC. Understand the main components of a Terraform configuration. Write, plan, and apply a basic Terraform configuration for Azure. Deploy a static web application to Azure using Terraform. Understand the best practices for managing infrastructure with Terraform.

Here are some useful modules for this session:

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