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Motherhood is beautiful, but also challenging. We know that not all mothers have their parents with them to help with their new baby, and mostly their partners need to return work soon after birth. Some moms spend most of the first year after giving birth at home and they take care of their baby alone. And this can be very difficult - both physically and mentally - when it is for a prolonged period of time.

We believe that meeting other moms and babies, sharing experiences, and learning about baby development is an amazing support for moms. Therefore, we offer moms and their babies a place to meet and focus on their motherhood, as well as their baby's development. Our activities - classes & workshops- are fun and playful. We offer you practical tools that support your baby's sensory and motor development. We provide you a judgment-free space to share your experiences and express your concerns. 

Our activities come in two sets: classes and workshops. Classes focus on the milestones of a given stage of development, such as 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 ... Workshops are topic-specific and focus on the topic across different stages of development, such as baby sleep workshop for 0 to 12 months.

Our method offers practical tools that stimulate babies' sensory and motor development in the best possible way. We aim at providing the right stimulation for each stage of development, as well as alleviating the parental anxiety, which in turn enables the family to spend quality time in a relaxed environment.

Moreover, we offer the best MeetUp place: an indoor playground where babies and children can move in security, improve motoric skills, and enjoy themselves: https://worldofmovement.ch/book-venue/