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Fusion360 Co-Learning
Let's meet to improve our Design skills in Fusion360 together! It's not a workshop or seminar! We simply sit together and study individually with the tutorials. You choose what you are most interested in (e.g. Assembly, T-Spline Objects, Rendering....) or work on our own projects. If you need help there will be someone around to talk to! ;-) Come and join in! It's for free! Every level is wellcome. If you are a complete newbe to Fusion360 or CAD, check out the "Autodesk Fusion360 workshop" (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/motionlab/). It's for absolute beginners and takes place on every third Saturday of each month. -------- Wir treffen uns, um unsere Fusion360 Kenntnisse zu verbessern! Das ist kein Workshop oder Seminar! Wir setzen uns einfach zusammen und lernen individuell anhand von Tutorials oder arbeiten an unseren eigenen Projekten. Wenn Du Hilfe brauchst ist immer jemand da, den Du fragen kannst! ;-) Komm einfach dazu! Es ist gratis! jedes Level ist willkommen. Wenn Du ein kompleter Neuling mit Fusion360 oder CAD bist, besuch am besten zunächst den "Autodesk Fusion360 Workshop" (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/motionlab/). Er findet jeden 3. Samsteg eines jeden Monats statt.


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MotionLab.Berlin is a platform located in the heart of Berlin, where young talents, startups, esta- blished companies and educational institu- tions interact with one another and learn how to go from an idea to a working product, how to cope with the new era of digital transfor- mation, where efficiency is on the top of the list... MotionLab.Berlin is Education and Community for future mobility!

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