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Calling out all dotnetiers and azureheads, professionals, amateurs, students, learners, enthusiasts, everyone!!

We aim to deliver a deep understanding of all .NET technologies and how to combine those with Azure for a complete production experience (tools will also not escape our learning wrath!).

We hope our "hands on" events will flourish with ideas, knowledge and creativity!

As of 2018-08-01, a new alliance makes the .NET community here in Munich even stronger! From now on Munich .NET Meetup will be the new home of .NET Developer Group München!

* Take a look at the Berlin Code of Conduct - we hate hate!

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Azure OpenAI, an introduction for developers

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Lets meet Azure OpenAI, the new offering by Microsoft!
In this event we will go through the basics on how to setup the service, and then we will write the code to consume it with an Azure Function!

More to be announced soon!

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Minimal APIs in ASP.NET with Rob Richardson

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