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Welcome to Nature 2.0 a community of communities.

It could be that you just started one of the craziest journeys of your life.

A Nature2.0 community consists of all the people who are intrigued, fan or even evangelist of-their-vision of achievements within a Nature2.0 narrative -Nature2.0 is crazy-as you will soon discover.

How can we use cutting edge technology to build the unimaginable? Beyond businesses and profit formulas? How can we create machine 2 machine ecosystems that operate beneficially for society? How can you build and finance a commons? How do you create ecosystems that operate towards abundance?

At http://nature2.ooo we are sharing & validating all the stories, idea’s, experiments, insights & concepts around such questions. Because we believe that we can build it and prove to you that intrinsic motivation is the only essential tool all through smart idea’s do help a lot.

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We want to share all the narratives people can’t imagine, different ways to finance them there. Here, in this meetup, we’ll discover together how we can build them in an explorative way.

In our Meetup we are following a 3 layered explorative approach to build nature2.0 solutions (video’s of past meetups are shared on youtube)

Layer 1: Decentralized Access Control for machines and IT infrastructure -“Plugged-In”

Layer 2: Public data and intelligence networks that promote data and AI for the commons-"The Hivemind”

Layer 3: Self-owned agents and resources with token incentives “Self-actualization”

At this moment various communities are thinking about participating in our nature2.0 track of the biggest hackathon of the world & we are looking for more. The communities are sharing additional events, stories, building blocks on http://nature2.ooo . And they are looking for you to share and participate in their endeavor. get in touch with hello@nature2.ooo if you have any questions. Don’t forget to say hello to your sister meetup in BERLIN/AMSTERDAM